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Thursday, November 6, 2014

What is going on

This is your "Thinking Satanist"  And this  is tell you what's going on. 

We are under a 2 week  limited  use of Google+, Seems we were warned about Our blogs repreatly. i'm really  have trouble  with which  one . or was my policy of labeling the blogs  anti-christian  that got us there . But no matter  I  will continue posting  Richard  Dawkin's  and Christoper  Hatchins  and will label them either Antheists or anti-christians  which is  fair  considering  both gentlemen fit the bills .  

As  for the stay in the hospital  is going  we are happy to report some progress, they got me in occupation  therphy   ( which I consider a joke being 70 years old. )

Today we had 2 stupid nurses on,  they made a whole new defination  of stupid first pushing there damn shower agenda  then leaving me in a wheelchair  4 hours to noon.  So  I got myself in to  bed which was progress. And I repeated the operation  4 times  today . That was against  orders  from the rehab dept.  

To answer the  next question. Yes we are still posting on our multi-blogs We have 5  now  not counting attack  and links can be gotten at Facebook  John Williamson  or Thinking Person.  I want you to know  I thank you for your support  and readership.